Saturday, February 28, 2009

1st attempt at relevance

I have been thinking about new relationships lately. Personal, business. professional - there must be some study about the initial stages of any new relationship - I'll Google it later. My thought is that ALL relationships go through the same initial vetting process.
1) Who/what is this person, business, position. opportunity.
2) Am I intrigued by the notion of pursuing this new relationship / opportunity
3) How does my current life accommodate the new stuff
4) will the relationship withstand the blending process
5) I don't put too much emphasis on this one --- what does it look like once I am fully invested?

Why not look at the last one more closely? In my opinion, I don't think I am either clairvoyant enough or controlling enough to know what the actual end result will be. Really all I know is that the prospect of joining is intriguing - and that it seems from a very naive initial perspective - that it could be alot of fun ... for a good chunck of the time.